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There’s nothing like pink ruffles, and tulle to scream out “delicate and dainty” for perfectly pretty party. At our consultation, my client mentioned she wanted a dreamy feel, something soft and delicate “a ballerina inspired theme”¬†is what she envisioned. She wanted me to create the invitations and the cake. I was so excited, I love girly themes!

I designed Ballerina invitations for this client but to be completely honest, I include a design I created for prior event. They were my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ballerina invitations. These Invitations were beautiful!

Dainty is the perfect word for these beauties. They were 3 3/4 inches in height and dressed with pearls, diamonds and tulle, if that doesn’t scream “BABY GIRL” I don’t know what does! They were beautifully boxed and wrapped in a millennial pink tissue paper. I emphasize millennial pink because its my favorite tone of pink. This tone has a mix of grey. You would be surprised but I am not a fan of pink. I love natural tones and deeper colors, gray, cream, blacks, whites. Millennial is a mix of all these colors. There’s a very natural tone in this pink.

The invitations were a hit and would’ve paired perfectly with this cake.

The ruffles on this ballerina cake were amazing. They were so delicate, paper thin. SO much so, that you could see right through each frill. I tinted this cake with an ombre technique using edible pedal dust. The beautiful tones of purples, greens, and pinks in the balloons really made the cake stand out on the sweets table. It was the center piece, the main attraction.



The detail in the ballerina shoe was everything. There are molds on the market to create a shoe but I really wanted this one to be life like.

The importance of a ballerina shoe is its anatomy.

The platform, the vamp, the wind, the shank, the stitching of the insole down to the drawstring casting was captured in the detail of this sugar sculpture. 

This sugar shoe was hand sculpted, to capture all the detail important to every ballerina. It was one I was extremely proud of.

When I design a cake, I design it so that it is one you will always remember and treasure in your heart.

This was the happiest of birthdays for this ballerina.


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