Choosing a theme for your event that’s unique and leaves a lasting impression.

Choosing a theme is one of the hardest things to do when planning a party. Many of us want to plan a celebration that’s gorgeous, unique and leaves a lasting impression on our family and friends for years to come.

There are resources at our finger tips today such as:  Pinterest, Instagram, and event magazines.  Social media pages full of hashtags and inspiration photos make it tempting to see something we love and duplicate it.  It’s effortless to design a party these days, but if your goal is to create one that’s unique to you and your guest of honor, you will have to get your creative juices flowing, or hire an expert. In this blog I talk about how to choose a common theme you love and make it yours.

The Ellinnet Cake Collection is a custom cake and social stationary boutique, Our focus it to design custom cakes and sweets that compliment your event and theme of choice. I designed this whole event because it was my sons party. This was an elegant and fun event for me to do, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

I wanted to design a jungle theme for this event but of course, NOT one that looks like everyone else’s party. I used the Gucci spring 2017 campaign designed by Alessandro Michelle for inspiration. This was a gorgeous campaign:  Greens, Yellows, Orange, Browns, Blacks and touches of golds.  The colors were vibrant, bright and rich. They were perfect for this celebration.

I started with the venue.  The venue is extremely important when designing a party. If you choose a venue that compliments your theme, there’s very little you have to do.  When the walls and venue décor add to the overall design all you have to worry about are the tables and sweet table details.

Sabor Latino in Edgewater was perfect,  Its space was designed with brick walls and lots of green leaf plants, wooden tables and deep colors throughout the space were gorgeous! The food was amazing. Latin american cuisine was the choice for my family.


The wooden back drops were perfect for the sweets table. they were engraved with elephants and monkeys, all sorts of wild animals and trees.


Everything had a jungle detail with leaves  engraved in the hardware of the chairs and stair cases. There were even leaves engraved in the lamps throughout the restaurant. 

I decided then to go deep in the colors with the sweets table. I created the cake with a matte black canvas and touches of gold.


I hand painted jungle animals like zebras, elephants, bamboo leafs and giraffes on vanilla sugar cookies and personalized them for each child.  They were amazing and left the guest excited to eat. They added beautiful artistic detail and were surrounded by moss for the perfect POP of color. 

The pudding cups and gold wrapping added the bright touch of yellow and gold that the table need to give the rest of the sweets the attention they deserved.The sweets were delicious. The flavor of the cake was our Chocolate black out cake filled with rich chocolate ganache.

When we design our tables we try to make sure we choose a flavor that compliments the theme so that your guest get that FULL experience. 

The tables were decorated with gorgeous jungle colors. The yellows and oranges and greens in the flower arrangements,  not only added a beautiful addition to the design but gave the feeling of joy throughout the party.


One perfect way to tell your guest how special it is to have them join you in celebrating  whatever the occasion, is with something personalized. So I decided to add a natural leaf on each place setting. This was special for all the guest, it left a lasting impression with each and everyone of them. We often encourage personalized sweets for our tables and usually include them in our sweets designs.

Every event should be meaningful and well designed. In the end all you have is pictures and a beautiful family memory for years to come!


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